The Pets Blog Week in Review for Jul 30 – Aug 5

Goodbye July, hello the hot, hot heat of August. Things were not too hot last week in the Pets Blog. Aimee and I tried to keep things cool. Although we did sort of get off on a morbid tangent at one point during the week. (I should say I did, in respect to the matter of pet’s dying.) Happily we also covered plenty of other, less sad, topics too.

Monday, July 30

Sharks fascinate me so I was pretty excited about Discovery Channel’s Shark Week. But when I watched their inaugural program, Oceans of Fear, I couldn’t help but wonder if they were sending mixed messages. Aimee profiled a dog breed: the American Staffordshire Terrier. (Her brother actually has one and Aimee included cute pics!)

Tuesday, July 31

On our recent family outing to Gatlinburg I realized Dollywood was for the birds (among other things). Aimee discussed her house rule (pets are not allowed to die) after a friend of hers had a scare with her dog. For the last day of July, which was National Baked Beans Month, I profiled Duke: a dog who’s willing to spill the beans…for a price.

Wednesday, August 1

A post in the Pets Forum prompted me to write When Pets Pass: A Study in Grief. Aimee addressed the myth of cats and water. After all, they’re supposed to hate it, but as Aimee demonstrates, not all do.

Thursday, August 2

It took almost six months, but I was very thrilled to announce that Tabby and Mr. Meow are friends (and playmates) at last. Aimee gave some great pointers for you cat owners who have trouble getting your cat into a carrier. A story about a nursing home cat snuggling up with patients hours before their deaths reminded me of how Mr. Meow acted before our dog Budly’s death, which got me to wondering, “Can they sense death’s presence?

Friday, August 3

We’re selling our house and one of the problems with selling a house with pets is showings. Specifically what to do with a dog during the dog days of summer while we evacuate the house for hours at a time. Speaking of dogs days, PetSmart sent me another circular so I had more pet deals to report.

Saturday, August 4

Back to Shark Week: I stand corrected. They’re not just running sensational programming but ones focused on shark conservancy and understanding too. Oh boy. Aimee spent a rough night enduring a Moose and Lally Barkathon that kept her awake –or, rather, woke her up and wouldn’t let her get back to sleep.

Sunday, August 5

Guess we needed to rest up (Aimee especially) for the week ahead.

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