The Pets Blog Week in Review for Jun 4-10

For the first full week of June, here’s what Aimee and myself covered in the Pets Blog.

Monday, June 4

Moose has got a special new trick (slipping out of his collar) that’s giving Aimee fits –and potentially a heart attack. Apparently it’s not enough he just slips his collar, he also thinks Aimee chasing after him to get him hooked back up is a fun game.

Tuesday, June 5

The Great Cat Rehabilitation Project made even further progress. I got my Mr. Meow shower buddy back. This is a big step! Aimee and crew have had to make a lot of adjustments since their move. This time around she discusses the Trouble with Walking Two Dogs. On this date in 1981 the first cases of what would come to be known as AIDS was reported. I thought that was a good segue into discussing FIV: Feline Aids.

Wednesday, June 6

Aimee is a good dog mom. She wants her Lally and Moose to have freedom to roam, but as she talks about in Life Without a Fence, that’s hard to do in their new digs.

Thursday, June 7

Aimee’s “Shelter series” heads into new territory with Starting a No-Kill Shelter and the considerations that come along with it.

Friday, June 8

Ever since we got Tabby, nails and claws have been a major focus in our house. Once I got over my paranoia of nipping their quicks, Tabby and Murphy have been subjected to more regular pedicures. Mr. Meow only has back claws, but I decided they could use a trim too. He had other ideas. See who won that showdown in Mr. Meow vs. the Clippers.

Saturday, June 9

Saturday evening Murph and I went for a walk in the park and got better acquainted with a dog unlike any we’ve ever met before. Read about it in Jayzee’s Story: Murph’s First Encounter with a Disabled Dog.

Sunday, June 10

We’re permitted one day off, and this happened to be it. Had to rest up for a busy week ahead!

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