The Piano Book

Just when I thought I’d seen every theme possible incorporated into a scrapbook, I visit my neighbor and learn that I’ve only scratched the surface.

Her latest creation: A piano-themed scrapbook which she will gift to her granddaughter, Kiara, following her first recital.

The book chronicles Kiara’s journey learning how to tickle the ivories. It is filled with photos of the 10-year-old playing the piano on different occasions, including Thanksgiving, Christmas and birthdays. My favorite layout features a timeline of Kiara’s interest in the piano and begins with a shot of her as a chubby 6-month-old sitting on her mom’s lap at grandma and grandpa’s piano. That photo is followed by a series of images that are staggered around the page in chronological order. My neighbor used piano-shaped stickers, musical note stamps and clip art to embellish the page.

In addition, the memory book includes several journaling blocks that detail Kiara’s love of music and her passion for playing the piano. Since Kiara spends a lot of time with her grandma, it wasn’t hard for my neighbor to obtain the information she needed to include in the journaling blocks. Some of the questions covered include:

*How long have you been playing the piano?

*What made you decide to start playing this instrument?

*Who was your first piano teacher?

*What is the hardest part of learning how to play the guitar?

*How often do you practice?

*Who are some of your favorite piano players?

*What songs do you like to play?

*Do you dream of becoming a famous musician?

*Do you play any other instruments?

The other major addition to the piano-themed scrapbook is memorabilia. My neighbor was able to incorporate different forms of memorabilia into the album, including sheet music, ticket stubs from a George Winston concert, and a newspaper article that featured her piano teacher. While Kiara’s scrapbook didn’t include a CD, if you were making an album for an accomplished musician you could record some of her work on a disc and place it in a pocket at the back of the scrapbook or on a specific page. You could also add a small sound clip by using the Scrapbook Alive voice recorder.

Have you ever made a music scrapbook?

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