The Pitfalls of Running a Home Business

After trying many home business adventures, nothing was quite as successful as I had hoped it would be. I think many of my home business ventures could have been very successful but I was not good at marketing. I was also not a risk taker and was afraid to take my computer out in public to make personalized books or printed names while customers watched. I was afraid to make buttons at craft events for fear of ruining someone’s prized photo and not placing it in the button correctly. It was these small things that became my downfall.

Even talking on the phone to take orders for personalized clocks or books, was not easy for me. I was always afraid I wouldn’t give the right answer. Preparing yourself for the type of business you choose will help your business thrive and become successful or lack of preparation will let your business fall through the cracks. I wasn’t ready for the phone calls or for customers asking to come into my home to view my products. I slowly dropped out of the home business scene hoping to get into transcription which would not involve people knocking at my door. Thinking this would be the perfect job, stay at home and type, send in my transcriptions by email, how easy! But there seems to be a long waiting list for transcriptionists and of course, even if you make the waiting list, the client’s will prefer the typists with training and experience. I soon gave up.

I joined many work at home forums. At that time I never did get any information that helped me find a job. But I did make some great friends. Currently my favorite forum, Work at Home Mom, is the best resource I’ve found for home businesses. Not only do they provide forums that will teach you how to get started in product selling, such as Avon and Creative Memories Scrapbooking, but they have forums for those selling crafts, writers selling articles, and those seeking a telecommuting job. Many forums list sites that actually pay and sites that are frauds. This is a great place to start your research when first looking for a stay at home job.

Another great NEW resource is the Home Business Reviews in our new Reviews section.

Think about what interests you, what you’re good at, and how much you would like to earn. Do you want to make a living or just want some spending money? Also decide if you want to join a business opportunity such as Tiny Details or Disciple’s Cross. These both require money to start and the company will buy the completed projects back from you. But again beware, read the forum posts in Work at Home Mom to see if the companies are still meeting their obligation. Are work at home mom’s saying they are getting paid? Many of these work at home companies can start out with the best intentions, only to soon fail and the last of the workers will not get their money.

If you’re looking for a home business that takes little to no money to start up, you might look into freelance writing or another type of typist job. Transcriptionists usually need to purchase a special pedal but other jobs such as content writers and text messaging will not cost you extra. Read through the messages in the forum. You’re sure to find what is working for other work at home Mom’s and what doesn’t work. Take a look at forums that don’t catch your attention. You might think you’d never do web building but a look in the forum will tell you that some website owners are looking for people to post on their forums, draw graphics, or even just pay you to upload new changes.

Work at home mom’s is a great place to start when first looking for a stay at home job.