The Post Honeymoon Blues

Before you got married, you looked forward to getting prepared for the wedding. There was the wedding shower registration, planning the wedding, sending out invitations and etc., as well as planning the honeymoon. Now, it’s a few weeks or months after the honeymoon and you are experiencing the blues. You’re supposed to be happy, you tell yourself, but instead you’re down a lot and often find yourself fighting the tears. What’s wrong? No doubt you’re experiencing the post honeymoon blues.

The post honeymoon blues are more common than you think. Many report experiencing a let down feeling after a big event, especially their wedding day! Before, during and after the wedding, for a short bit, all the attention is focused on you. There’s a lot of excitement and activity taking place. Suddenly, after the honeymoon, all activity seems to cease. It’s as if a sense of quietness takes over that you hadn’t expected. You tell yourself it’s just what you need, but the reality is you miss all the action

The best way to handle this issue is to allow yourself the transitional time to regroup. Make the best of the quiet time to put away your gifts, fix up your new home, to get in the swing of your new life together with your spouse.

It’s important to keep your mind and heart occupied with new activities and things to look forward to. Focus your attention on your spouse and making them happy. Just like your wedding day was a special event to focus your attention on, now your spouse becomes the focus of your special attention.

It’s important to discuss openly, with your spouse, the blues you’re experiencing. Chances are he or she might be feeling the same way. Work through it together. Discuss ways of reducing the blues and ways you can together make each day as special as that wedding day and honeymoon.