The Positive Side of Creative Memories

After all of the negative complaints I offered that seem to be common amongst non-Creative Memories scrapbookers, I thought it only fair that I share the positives of the company.

It all started in 1987 when Rhonda Andersen met a group of ladies and was surprised to learn that they kept their pictures in shoe boxes and not in albums like she did. A late night call to Cheryl Lightle sparked a new business and the first consultant signed in July of that year. To read more of the story visit here.

The company started out simple and has expanded to include some really cool new things. So if you ever had a negative experience, I strongly urge you to consider revisiting your Creative Memories consultant or find one.

Among many new and awesome products, Creative Memories has introduced Page Kits. They call them Power Pallettes but they are perfectly coordinated page kits and the papers are really cool. They are nothing like what you’ve seen in the past and it is obvious that CM is taking great strides towards meeting the needs in this industry. It is a really nice thing to see.

In addition to the new Power Pallettes another product that caught my eye, are the adorable totes they now carry. While you can find similar ones elsewhere, I thought the colors were cute and so are the styles. It seemed their prices looked less scary than I remember them as well. I wish I could provide you with photos, but CM has a strict policy in using photographs of their items, so visiting their site would be a better option.

What else is new at CM?

  • New and much more attractive and modern sticker lines.
  • All new shapes and sizes of albums. I especially loved the PicFolio Mini Albums.
  • Many digital products to satisfy the digital scrapbooker. While not a digital scrapbooker myself, I was pleasantly surprised at all they offered for those that are. They even have their own photo printing company.

Overall it seems that Creative Memories is taking huge steps towards meeting the ever growing demands in the scrapbooking industry. If it has been awhile, I strongly urge you to visit them again. You might be totally surprised at what you will find. A company with simply beautiful products that still stand behind them 100%.