“The Power of a Praying Wife”

I often look through (many times without posting) and browse the conversations going on in the forums.

One topic caught my eye. A question was asked about a book that is designed to strengthen marriages. This book The Power of a Praying Wife, was recommended to a reader. The reader in turn asked if anyone in the forums had actually applied to the readings in the book to her own marriage.

Several people did reply.

I had never heard of the book before. I often am more familiar with children’s books rather than reading for my own purposes. However the curiosity of the book and the discussion at hand got the best of me.

I searched for the book and checked out some of the reviews as posted on Amazon.com and even EBay. The book did receive good ratings in most cases. Women were commenting on how the book had changed and even saved their marriages. They discussed how the book had made them think and look at things and their relationship differently.

However one comment was not so positive. One lady was very upset by some of the reading in the book. She commented how the author suggested that women should not go into a marriage with many or high expectations. The lady commented that she did not agree with this and that women should expect more from their husbands.

Other women, as even seen in the forums, were quick to say that the book was not a “fix all” as it appeared through some of the comments. While the ideas in book could strengthen a marriage, they did not feel that they could solve all troubles.

All of the discussion encouraged me quickly to find the book and get to reading. Since I was not encouraged enough to run out to a bookstore (which would not have been a quick trip from my home) I decided to order the book online.

I am now awaiting its arrival. I cannot wait to begin the reading so I too can make comments and share thoughts with you.