The Prayer of Jabez: Increase My Territory

“…and enlarge my territory,…”

When we are applying Bruce Wilkinson’s book The Prayer of Jabez, based on 1 Chronicles 4:10 to our own life, “territory” does not have to mean real estate or financial gain. There are so many ways this prayer can be incorporated. For example:

  • Influence: That God would expand the area in which you can be of influence others by the message of the gospel and the power of the Holy Spirit. There are so many out there who are lost and searching for purpose and hope.
  • Responsibility: Whether it’s in your job or any other aspect of daily living, usually moving ahead in life is a good thing. We often think of more responsibility as costing us time and energy. But remember that God works supernaturally too; He is more than capable of helping you to be better organized. You might notice as you seek His will, you feel more joy and purpose in your life.
  • Boundaries: Pray specifically for what boundaries you want the Lord to broaden. You can pray that He would enlarge your congregation; that those needing Jesus will find their ways to the doors of your church. We see God increasing the number of newcomers to a church in Acts 2:47, causing many to be saved as a result of the obedience of His people within. Perhaps for this you need more church space, so pray for that too!
  • Time: This is something many of us feel we don’t have enough of. Though my guess is God isn’t going to freeze time for us so we can accomplish all the things we want to do in a day. I believe He is likely to help us manage time more efficiently, allowing us to complete the tasks we need to.
  • Family: There are many who would love to meet that ideal man or woman to spend the rest of their lives with. Why not apply “territory” to the expansion of a family? There are also couples out there who’ve long to have children. By whatever means He wills, He is able to provide.

What territory in your life can use expanding?

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The Prayer of Jabez:


Bless Me!

Be with Me

Keep Me from Evil

That I Not Cause Pain

In Conclusion