The Pre Pregnancy Jeans (Part II)

I lost twenty pounds in the first few weeks after my daughter was born. Of course I still had the ten pounds left from my first pregnancy. At two weeks post partum I was able to fit into a pair of my post first pregnancy pre second pregnancy jeans. Granted these particular jeans were a bit loose pre pregnancy and at two weeks post partum they were a little tight. Nonetheless, I was very happy that I could fit into these pre pregnancy jeans (which was very different from my first pregnancy; I bought jeans that were four sizes larger than my pre pregnancy size).

At six weeks post partum a tighter pair of my post first pregnancy pre second pregnancy jeans fit, although not exactly like before my second pregnancy. At seven weeks post partum I was over wearing my maternity skinny jeans, the stretchy waist was uncomfortable and caused the jeans to fall down in a really awkward way. I went skinny jean shopping with my sister and found the perfect pair but I had to get them in one size bigger than my pre pregnancy size (which fit me perfectly every where except that I could not button them). These marvelous skinny jeans, in the perfect dark wash, seemed to stretch out a bit as I wore them. I am hoping to buy my pre pregnancy size in the same jeans soon.

At eleven weeks post partum all of my post first pregnancy pre second pregnancy jeans fit (by fit I mean that they can all be button albeit with some muffin topping). With this great successful milestone, I thought that it would be a good idea to try on my original pre pregnancy jeans, jeans I have not been able to wear since a began to show with my first pregnancy (I never was able to wear most of them comfortable). The first pair went on just fine until they hit my upper thighs and glutes. While I could button them they were too tight and too low rise to be comfortable (at least for now). The second pair, a pair I wore very comfortable on my honeymoon, ripped when I tried to stretch them over my thighs. I could not button the third pair (still hoping that I can loose the weight so these ones will fit again).

While I feel like I am far better off with my second pregnancy post partum than I was with my first post partum. Clearly some of my pre pregnancy jeans will never fit again and I need to come to terms with the fact that my post pregnancy body is in fact different.