The Pregnancy Blog Week in Review for Feb 25 – March 2

This week, the blog covered topics ranging from planning a baby shower to ethical issues in fertility treatments. Whether you are still on the path to pregnancy or near delivery, there is something here for you. Sit back, relax and catch up on your reading with this week in review. Feel free to leave a comment or suggest an idea for future blogs.

Sunday, February 25

Planning a Baby Shower is a fun and exciting time. This blog has some good tips for making the day memorable for the mother to be.

Monday, February 26

Tristi Pinkston joined us this week for a guest blog. When Your Uterus is Deformed shares her story of discovering a heart shaped uterus during her c section.

Tuesday, February 27

Baby Shower Games are a fun part of most baby showers. This blog has some fun ideas to help get the party started.

Wednesday, February 28

A New Trend: Couples Showers has some information on the growing trend of men and women as shower guests. The blog has some suggestions for including men at your shower and making them feel comfortable.

Friday, March 2

Infertility treatments require many difficult decisions for couples. In some cases, these decisions and procedures can conflict with religious beliefs. Pro Life Infertility Specialists are a great resource for reconciling your desire to have a baby with your religious beliefs.

What is Selective Reduction? discusses a procedure sometimes used when too many babies are conceived at one time. The procedure is most often used as a result of assisted reproductive technologies. Read about this procedure and how to avoid it.

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