The Pregnancy Blog Week in Review for Jan 27 – Feb 2

Time flies when you are pregnant. With the pressures of work, other children and family responsibilities, it’s easy to get busy and miss some of the articles posted in the Pregnancy Blog. This weekly review is an easy and fast way to get caught up on your reading.

Saturday, January 27

Let’s Talk About Water Birth: Fluid Pain Relief Sara Denomme talks about the magical experience of her daughter’s home water birth.

Sunday, January 28

If you are planning to breastfeed your new baby, you will need a good book as a resource. Check out Great Breastfeeding Books for some recommendations.

Monday, January 29

Let’s Talk About Touch During Labor discusses the power of touch for natural pain relief. Let’s Talk About Your Bishop’s Score talks about the factors that determine the success of an induction. Read this blog if your doctor is talking about an induction for your pregnancy. Let’s Talk About Reflexology During Pregnancy and Labor has some great information about the use of reflexology to naturally induce labor. For more ideas about naturally inducing labor, check out The Let’s Talk Pregnancy Blog Top Ten: How to Induce Labor Naturally.

Tuesday, January 30

Let’s Talk Pregnancy – Awesome, Healthy Drink Options offers some suggestions for healthy beverages for pregnant women. Let’s Talk Pregnancy – Ten Awesome, Easy Snack Options has some great suggestions for healthy snacks. Can Infertility Treatments Cause Autism shows some alarming statistics related to the use of certain drugs to treat infertility. Let’s Talk About Pregnancy: Your Parenting Primer talks about the life changes in pregnancy in preparation for motherhood. If you and your spouse are not in agreement on the subject of expanding your family, check out When One of You Wants Another Baby. During pregnancy, it’s common to worry about the health and safety of your baby. Read Creating a Greener Home for Your Baby for ideas on how to keep your family healthy.

Wednesday, January 31

The cost of having a baby is a common concern among parents to be. Let’s Talk About How Much Babies Really Cost has some great tips on keeping costs down. Let’s Talk About Offsetting the Financial Squeeze of Parenting has more great money saving ideas. Let’s Talk About Pregnancy and Finances discusses how to prepare for the financial challenges of new parenthood. Let’s Talk About The Four-Minute Delivery shows the story of one woman’s amazingly fast and unexpected home birth.

Thursday, February 1

Let’s Talk About the Mirror, the Crown and the Miracle describes the joy of using a mirror to witness your baby crowning during delivery. Let’s Talk About Who’s Catching the Baby discusses the joy of catching your own baby.

Join us in the Pregnancy Blog for more great articles about all aspects of pregnancy, labor, birth and the postpartum period.

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