The Puzzle Pod: A Review

The Puzzle Pod is a fantastic idea created by a mom of two preschoolers. Have you heard of it? I had the opportunity to review this product and let me tell you I have become a customer. Basically, this is a clear vinyl pouch with a sticky back to adhere to puzzle boxes, binders, coloring books, books and so much more! The Puzzle Pod is affordable at a pack of 4 for $14.95. It is durable so it will outlast plastic bags which tear and come open easily. It also has pleated corners so it can store bulky items like crayons and such. It closes securely with Velcro tabs. This is a simple idea but it will quickly become a lifesaver in your home. I use it for so many of my kids’ items and my own. It came in handy to store gold stars and other stickers for marking off progress sheets.


To store puzzle pieces to prevent loss.

To store crayons conveniently to coloring books.

To store art supplies to the underside of a lap desk or tray.

For travel needs!

To store scrapbook items to a binder, desk, or storage compartment.

To store coupons on your fridge.

To store pieces of board games and card games.

To store Barbie Doll clothes to a favorite Barbie storage container.

To store Lego pieces.

To store Polly Pocket items and adhere to a storage container.

To store stamps, business cards, pens, and small items to a binder for work or home use.

To store school supplies to a binder or folder.

To store greeting cards.

To store gift tags and bows.

I am certain you will find many uses for this item. I have tried to use Ziploc bags over the years only for the bags to rip or tear. I love the ease of cleaning up as my kids quickly use it to put their tiny toys or pieces away. I really think this product would benefit many in their organization and loss prevention needs. If you adhere it to a binder or a “neutral” item you will increase the longevity by being able to change what you use it for over time.

Disclosure: Item provided for review.