The Quarter, Part 2

Be sure to read Part 1 of the story.

We went from radiology back to the triage area. Then the nurse put Jessie in a bed. After examining Jessie the doctor decided that it would be best for her to go to Children’s Dallas. When I brought up that I had wanted to go to Children’s first, the nurses told us that it we did the right thing going to the closer hospital.

It would have been easy for us to leave the hospital and head out for Children’s. We were halfway there already. The reason the doctor was sending Jess to Children’s was because of her breathing. They really couldn’t take any chances on us not going straight to the hospital. They wanted to get Jessie to the hospital via CareFlite.

Our next big decision was who was going to go with her in the helicopter. We figured that whoever went, she’d want the other one. We decided that Daddy should go with Jessie. I took Baby E home and asked our wonderful neighbors to watch her. When we were on our way to the hospital originally I thought that Baby E would be better off with a sitter, but we were already in the car on the way there. Our neighbors saw that I had posted on Facebook and weren’t surprised to find me on their doorstep. They were happy to watch E and sent prayers along to Jessie.

I went home to get a few things for Jess then headed out to the hospital. I had to stop at the bank along the way so we could pay for parking. I called all the grandparents while I was driving to fill them in on all that had happened so far.

Check back for the next chapter of our hospital adventure.