The Quest For Perfect Scrapbooking Paper Storage

In my quest for the perfect paper storage, I have tried a couple of different types and thought I’d share my trial and errors here with all of you. Please keep in mind, that what works for me, might not work for you. And what did not work for me, might be the perfect paper storage solution for you. There is no right or wrong way to store your papers, only what works for you.

As I was researching paper storage, I also came across the issue of 8.5×11 vs. 12×12 papers. Storage methods can be the same or different for these two different sizes. Almost any method that works for 12×12 will work for 8.5×11 however, not necessarily reversed. For the intents of this article, I plan to discuss 12×12 paper storage.

scrapbooking paper organizationDisplay Dynamics 12×12 Open/Lipless Stackable Paper Trays were a nice way to organize my paper when I didn’t have much. They were clear making it easy to see what I had, and they were stackable so they did not take up much space. What I did find however, was as I acquired more papers and continued to stack them, the less sturdy they seemed. Overall this is a nice storage method for papers retailing at approximately $40 for 10 stackable storage trays.

scrapbooking paper storageAnother interesting method I found to use for paper storage was actually storing my papers vertically. Cropper Hopper has a great Vertical Paper Storage container that retails for $7.99. Vertical Paper Storage makes it easy to locate and protect your most prized papers and takes up less room than horizontal storage. You can place them on bookshelves like a book.

scrapbooking paper organizationThis was my final purchase; The Paper Storage Cube System by Scrapbook Solutions. I love it. It’s my favorite storage method so far. The way the cubes stack at an angle is so easy to see what you have and use what you have! They are relatively inexpensive retailing at around $40 and are extremely comparable to what you see your scrapbook store have for their paper. This has been the best storage solution for me so far, I love how easy it is to find what I want and I love the overall look of it!