The Reading Tips Continue

Yes, it is back. The raising a reader tips continues. Two articles were simply not enough. Encouraging your child to read is important enough for three articles.

In my last articles, I discusses ideas such as helping your child choose books of interest, visiting the library, reading for a purpose, and keeping reading material available. The list continues below.

One concept that children often find difficult to grasp is the fact that a book does not have to be finished in one setting. As a young child, children experience short picture books or simple text stories. The books are designed to match the attention span of the child and to be read aloud. As children grow older, they should experience longer, more in depth books. Children must then learn that they do not have to complete the book all at one time.

This is a great stage to introduce your child to a bookmark. Even if your child is not old enough to read lengthy books alone, you can begin using these books as read aloud books. Show your child how a bookmark can be used to keep your place in the book. Each time that you pick up the book to continue, briefly quiz your child over the previous reading.

Television is not a bad thing in moderation. However, limiting your child’s television time can help your child become interested in other activities such as reading. You should not use reading as a punishment for your child. However, turning off the tube might just be enough motivation for your child to pick up a book.

Create a reading environment for your child. Buy a comfortable chair or beanbag for your child to use while reading. Children also love neat reading lamps and lights. Creating a good reading environment will help encourage your child to read.

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