The Reality of Making Money with Writing

Recently I have been helping my sister venture into the world of writing. Writing was a hobby of mine for about 15 years. Actually, my love for writing really began in high school where I wrote quite a few poems.

As I entered my adult years, my writing turned to other forms and now today I make a living as a freelance writer. As my sister began to express interest in this field I had to be honest with her. Writing is typically something you do because you enjoy it. It is generally not a moneymaking opportunity.

I likened it to the phrase of a “starving artist.” We know that most artists don’t usually rake in much money with their masterpieces, hence the reason we say “starving.”

I think the same thing can be said about writing, a “starving writer.” I don’t say this to discourage her or to discourage anyone else for that matter. I am living proof that you can make money and you can actually make a pretty decent living at it. My point is that if anyone goes into this field with the mindset that it’s all about money, they will probably be disappointed.

If the right opportunity comes along you are very fortunate. It’s just the reality when it comes to the field of writing. You face less disappointment and have fewer expectations when you can accept this. Then if the right door opens, you are able to jump for joy at the great opportunity before you.

Writing must start from the heart. It is something you craft within your heart and soul. It becomes like the lava of a volcano and it must be released. When you begin to let it flow, you can express yourself in some of the most creative ways.

In other words, writing is not just something you do. You just don’t put some words to paper or to a computer screen. You have these ideas and creative juices flowing within you that are ready to come out and be shared with others.

To succeed in writing you must have a natural love for it. It is not just a job. I don’t just write as a job. It is my passion and my love. I cannot image doing anything else now that it is more than just a hobby. It has truly become my career.

If you want to be a writer, keep your expectations at a realistic level. There are writers who do manage to break into the field and make money. But many writers do it just because they love it. If you have your own success story to share, please do.

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