The Reward System

The reward system is an idea used from education to home chores. Originally the idea came from when a child did something good, they would get a reward. For example, if a child completed their homework without being asked, they got an ice cream cone; or if they did all of their chores for the week, they got more for their allowance.

A reward system in the educational classroom basically is the same concept. A teacher usually creates a board or chart with all of the students names on it and hangs it up in the classroom. The rewards are clearly displayed so each student can see what they need to do to earn reward points. At the same time, there is posted also how to lose rewards and the amount of points which are taken away as well.

Let’s say Johnny completed his homework;
• he earned two points.
Then he helped a fellow classmate bring the milk to the classroom;
• he earned another two points.
But at lunch time, Johnny decided to not use his brain or words and instead punched another child;
• Johnny now lost all his points he earned that day from a lack of self-control.

The reward system can work both ways. Some teachers will do a group rewards systems where the entire class has a chance to earn a pizza party every two weeks. If they can spell the word PIZZA by a certain deadline, then they receive the party. If the class misbehaves, then letters get taken away and they cannot try for a party till the next week begins.

Teachers will also use homework passes as a form of reward. For specific tasks, a student can earn a homework pass which means they are free to pass on completing a homework assignment.

The use of candy as a reward has become less acceptable as it was many years ago due to the many allergies children may have. The different oils and sugars become a harsh ingredient and it has been decided by many school districts to not bring certain foods like cookies and candy into the classroom.