The Right Pen

To me, one of the most essential parts of a scrapbook page is the pen you are using. If you don’t have pens that make you feel creative, want to write, or doodle, then you do not have the right one.

You do not need a pen in every color to make a beautiful scrapbook page. However, I do find myself looking at those huge multi-paks of pens and wishing I had one. But, they are expensive. So, I suggest you find just a few pens that work for you.

A black pen is essential. With a black pen you can doodle, journal, and give your page an overall finished feel. No two pens are alike. So, how do you know which one to buy? For pens, I would suggest buying one that is specifically made for scrapbooking. You want it to be safe for your pages, and for your photos. An acid-free pen is a must! For the black pen, I recommend the Zig Writer. This pen has a dual tip for both thick and thin writing. It is acid free, doesn’t bleed onto the colors of your page, and I have used it on chipboard, thick cardstock, and just about anywhere you can imagine! This pen is one that is a must have for scrapbooking!

Next, I think a white pen is essential. This is where things can get tricky. It is almost impossible to find a white pen that is good for scrapbooking at your local office supply store. For this recommendation, you will need to go to your local scrapbooking store, or order it online. It is a little more expensive than my black pen recommendation, but you won’t be disappointed. When do you need white ink? You will be surprised at how much you use a white pen when you have a good one. The obvious place to use it is for journaling, and doodling on black paper. But, in reality, any dark paper would benefit from a good white pen. I have tried many white pens that promise to do the work before finally deciding that the Signo Uniball Pen was the best white pen out there. Most white pens you will find will not give you a smooth line, but the Signo does. The ink is bright, and unbroken, and looks like you would want your white ink to look. It is slightly more expensive, but it is a pen you will buy over and over again once you run out of ink.

Last, there are a rainbow of colors that you could buy. There are gel pens, and markers, and glitter pens, but in my opinion, if you want to keep it simple, the black and white will do the trick. If you scrapbook in browns a lot, then the Zig Writer also comes in a dark brown, and would also be great for your pages. No matter what you choose, make sure it is safe for scrapbooking. It must be acid free, and something that will not fade over time. To find that out, simply read the labels when buying pens. It will almost always tell you. Happy Scrapping!

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