The Sad News About Scrapbooking Company – Top Line Creations

Every scrapbooker dreams of doing what they love to earn an income. Many choose to sign with scrapbooking companies where they really do get paid for scrapbooking by selling products and other supplies which make scrapbooking easier both digitally and for the paper scrapper. Most people put forth a lot of effort to grow a business of their own and are devastated when it comes to a halt or they lose money.

It was a sad day for Top Line Creations (TLC) consultant’s on April 4, 2008, as the following statement was released by corporate headquarters:

“As of April 4, 2008, the following changes are in effect:
All Consultants and Consultantships are dissolved. ”

So, with the news that Top Line Creations is no longer in the Multi Level Marketing business, what does this mean for all of their consultants who put time and money into this business. Unfortunately for some, it means everything. The devastating blow is the talk of the town all over the Internet and websites are buzzing with the latest speculations and reasonings behind the decision to turn into a discount buying club.

This unexpected change caught many now-former consultant’s off guard and has caused a lot of headaches and work to be done to revamp websites, create new fliers and business materials and watch as dollars drained from their budgets because they are now left standing with business materials that don’t mean anything to them now.

Many consultant’s have spent the past two weeks fielding phone calls from customers who were worried about current orders, subscriptions and other items that they had paid for. Most everything for customers will remain the same – as Top Line Creations is not closing its doors, but simply reverting to a “Discount Buying Club”. The biggest change now will be that shoppers will now buy directly off the website like many other Internet business’. To learn more you can visit the statement they released about all of this on their website.

Jumping to the rescue of many of these business building scrapbooker’s are several other direct marketing business’ in the scrapbook industry. One such company is Close to My Heart, which is offering former TLC consultants a 50% discount on the cost of a start up kit which is a substantial savings on the already heavily discounted kit. Former TLC consultant’s will receive this discount until April 30, 2008. Contact a CTMH consultant for more information on this fabulous offer.

If you were affected by the recent changes with TLC, please don’t give up on your business building venture, but seek out alternative companies with comparable products. You really can get paid to do what you love.

Nicole Humphrey writes articles for the Scrapbooking Blog and for the Frugal Blog. She also guest blogs on a variety of topics. You can read more of her articles by clicking here.

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