The Scrapbook Tool I Can’t Live Without

I can’t afford to purchase a ton of scrapbooking tools. Rather, I’m a serial drooler. I stare enviously at all of the tools available for semi-avid scrappers like myself, but I am forced to stick with just the essentials.

Of course, my “essentials” and your “essentials” could differ greatly. For example, my mom can scrapbook with a simple pair of scissors and a bunch of adhesives. Unfortunately, I wasn’t born with as steady a hand. Consequently, one of the scrapbook tools I can’t live without is a paper cutter or paper trimmer.

It is entirely possible to design amazing scrapbook layouts without a trimmer. However, if your scissors skills are lacking, then you might drive yourself crazy trying to crop photos and cut paper for borders freehand.

That’s me.

So what’s my favorite scrapbook tool?

I would have a very, very hard time scrapping without the EK Success Cutterpede. It’s not an ordinary paper cutter. The trimmer allows you to change blades, so you can achieve deckle, wave, zig-zag or scalloped edges without trying to manipulate various decorative scissors.

I know some scrappers who have four or five different paper trimmers, but I have learned to make do with just the Cutterpede. If you are looking to invest in a new paper cutter take a look at your budget first. The Cutterpede is not that expensive, but I don’t do a ton of scrapbooking. If you are a die hard scrapper, you might want to spend a bit more to purchase a heavy-duty trimmer. Those can run in the $80-$100 neighborhood.

On the other hand, if you are going to spend money buying a new tool, you don’t want to go too cheap. A decent paper cutter will trim photos, cardstock, and patterned paper without problems. Higher end trimmers can also handle cutting thick cardboard, plastic sheets, acetate, and other bulky materials. It’s a good idea to assess your scrapbooking needs before you decide on the perfect paper cutter.

Do you own a paper cutter? How did you decide which one to buy?

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