The Second Week Post-Partum Part II (Christmas)

While I was downstairs making things ready for Christmas morning (Christmas presents under the tree and stockings filled and re-hung), my husband (who was supposed to be helping me get things ready) fell asleep while trying to get our son to fall asleep. The last present to bring up was a child size table and chair (the table needed to be assembled), with my fairly new post-partum body, I was not even going to attempt to carry the large cumbersome box containing the table up the stairs to the living room. Luckily, my husband awoke from his hour nap just as I had everything, aside from the table, ready for Christmas morning. He was able to bring the table up and put it together in mere minutes. Then we were off to bed. Having put in months of preparations for Christmas, I was far too excited to sleep really well. At seven in the morning I was awake. I put some last minute things together. At eight in the morning, I woke up my husband and we woke up our son together. I took our still sleeping daughter downstairs, put her in the bouncy seat, and grabbed the camera to capture our son’s Christmas morning face. It took a couple of hours to open presents. Our son wanted to play with each one right after he opened them and we had to convince him to leave his new toys in order to open more presents. After presents, we had our traditional Christmas morning breakfast of home-made Cinnamon rolls and coffee. Then we were off to celebrate Christmas with my parents and siblings. It takes a bit longer to get every one ready to go out. The baby needed to be nursed before she was content enough to go into her car-seat for our twenty minute car ride. Once the presents were packed into the car and the kids were dressed and happy, we were off. The aunts and uncles swarmed as soon as we pulled into the driveway. After exchanging gifts, eating good food, and some interesting conversations, we were on our way to my husband’s parents house to say goodbye to his uncle who was heading across state lines to go home. After more food and more interesting conversations, my husband left to go to work (yes on Christmas day) and I headed home to decompress from our very busy Christmas day. And so progressed my second week post-partum.

(To be continued …)