The Shopping Cart Cover

The shopping cart cover does seem a bit frivolous and unnecessary at first glance, but its usefulness extends beyond keeping germs at bay. My purpose for getting one of these never had anything to do with germs in the first place. I have a lot of reasons I like my shopping cart cover, though, and here are a few:

1. It’s a crumb catcher. In my family, grocery shopping time is snack time. Snacks ensure that my time shopping is uninterrupted and somewhat peaceful. As long as my 18-month-old has crackers and a sippy cup, he will let me shop without a fuss. He is a happy camper when he has his snacks, which he refers to as “dack.” The only downside to handing out grub while I’m shopping is the crumb trail he leaves everywhere. Fortunately, if I’m using a seat cover, it catches most of the crumbs which I can later shake out in the parking lot.

2. It’s a toy holder. My shopping cart cover features a few loops that you can attach toys to. It’s great because it keeps your baby from throwing toys on the floor during your shopping trip and losing them forever.

3. You’ll always have a seat belt. There have been times when I went to the store and every single cart available was either missing a belt or the belt was broken. Shopping cart accidents are responsible for more than 24,000 trips to the emergency room each year. Good safety belts are important! Fortunately my shopping cart cover secures to the shopping cart and has its own belt, which I clip to the cart itself with a small carabiner. I have seen my son try to squirm out of this setup and he has never been remotely successful.

As you can see, shopping cart covers are good for more than just keeping germs at bay. If you use one, make sure to wash it often and always check the belt for signs of wear before using it.

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