The Side of the Mistress

Earlier this week I watched a frustrating segment on “The View.” The ladies were interviewing Rielle Hunter, mistress of former presidential candidate John Edwards.

Rielle is known for stealing the charming Mr. Edwards from his wife, Elizabeth, during the time she was battling cancer. She ended up getting pregnant and the whole controversy ended his political career.

So now, as always happens, she has come out with a new book in which she tells “her side.” I love it…the side of the mistress, as if we really need some type of justification.

While I have no intention on reading the book, I was interested in hearing what she had to say. But the more she talked, the more unnerving I found her to be.

Surprisingly (or maybe not), it was first brought up by the ladies on “The View” that they had heard a rumor she and John Edwards had broken up. Apparently it’s true….as if that wasn’t coming!

Her pain from the breakup was obvious but I couldn’t help but think about John’s deceased wife and the pain she must have gone through. So needless to say, I wasn’t feeling much compassion for her.

Despite all this, she brought up some “interesting” points. For instance, she mentioned that John Edward’s wife played a part in his affair. It was the typical “blaming” of the wife, that she didn’t pay enough attention to him.

In fact, it was brought up how in her book she says that a wife is naïve if she thinks neglecting his sexual needs won’t cause him to wander. She also talks about how a wife needs to believe in her husband and make him feel like he is wonderful, otherwise someone else will.

I believe there are two sides to this. I can see the point she is trying to make. Wives must nurture their relationships with their husbands. But it goes both ways.

What Rielle has to understand is that throughout their affair, she was only hearing “his side.” Who knows what was really going on in the marriage and if he was being treated as poorly as he made it out to be.

In the end, I’m not so sure she will make her life any easier by sharing “her side” as the mistress. Of course, she also doesn’t believe that title belongs to her. But that’s another story…

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