The Summer Wait for Hopeful Prospective Teachers

I can remember the summer months before I got my first teaching job. They were near torture! Many certified teachers newly out of school are waiting the summer out to see if they have a job.

In many cases teachers are not hired until the being of the school year. That means that recently graduated teachers must spend the summer hoping for a job and visiting school principals to see what jobs are available.

This time would more appropriately be spent getting ready for the new job and class of students to come. However, without a classroom and knowing what grade you will be teaching, it is most impossible to begin preparing for work.

This time of year is very stressful for all new incoming teachers and those teachers who are looking to move grades or change schools. Teachers feel the need to get settled and have their classroom ready before the students move in. However, that sometimes does not happen.

Long days and late nights will be spent the week before school begins with teachers preparing and moving into their classroom.

There are teachers in my district that have been out of school for nearly two years now without a teaching job.

I am very thankful that I am out of that stage in my career. However for those of you that are left to wait out the summer, I have listed my advice.

Just because you have not “heard” anything does not mean that you are not getting a job. Some jobs are not posted until school begins.

Keep your name out there. Most principals are required to work during the summer. Visit them, let them know that you want a job, take a portfolio.

Do not be picky. If you are offered a job, take it. You can try to transfer later. If you decline one offer, you may not get another one.

Begin thinking about the type of classroom rules and strategy you will use. Even though you do not know what grade you will teach, your principals and values can be established.


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