The Sunday Evening Review: November 18th

I’ve decided to rename our ‘Week in Review’ in the homeschooling blog. I always review the weeks on Sunday evenings and well, I just like the name better. So although it’s the same blog where you can look up the week’s worth of homeschooling blogs, it has a new name!

We are steadily working on our list of things that your child should know. I want to make mention again that these lists are compiled from a few “expert lists”, including (but not limited to) the World Book Typical Course of Study. This week we covered What Your First Grader Should Know: Language Arts and Math. If you live in a state that mandates that you teach something “comparable to the course of study in a public school”, you can use these lists to figure out just exactly what that might mean.

Our featured state blog this week was on Nevada. I have said it before but if you live in a particular state and would like to see it featured just let me know! Otherwise I am working my way steadily through the states so that when we are all finished, families members have a resource to research laws in their states.

In, When Homeschooling Isn’t Working, we tackled a tough question. Many homeschooling families, ours included, plan on homeschooling for the long haul–all the way through high school. However, it is important to acknowledge the possibility that sometimes your intentions might fail. Changes in circumstances, not finding a good fit with homeschooling for your child as well as many other things can lead families back into the classroom.

I took a few days off, but you will discover why if you read Is it the Product or the Process?. It is easy to get caught up in the details of every day life. But really, the homeschooling life is about enjoying the process and not focusing so much on the immediate product. Which of course in the end yields a better product. . .or at least I think that’s how it goes!

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