The Teacher Next Door

null My first grade teacher is one of my favorite teachers. I don’t remember how old I was the first time I saw a teacher at the supermarket. It was odd to see her out of the context of the school. Miss Branfield and the mom of one of my oldest and dearest friends are best friends. I can’t remember how old Kim and I were when her mom and Miss Branfield became friends, but that is my first relationship with a teacher outside school. Miss Branfield was at my bridal shower and would have come to my wedding too.

In high school I had the biggest crush on one of the religion teachers. I flirted shamelessly. Mr. Murphy took it all in stride as the innocent thing it was. I saw him and his wife walking past my house once and I screamed after him. He turned around and yelled back, “I know where you live now.” I am still disappointed that Mr. Murphy was no longer teaching at my school when I could have been in his class.

When we went to Meet the Teachers night at Jessie’s school I introduced myself to her new teacher. The new teacher looked at me oddly and told me that she knows me. I couldn’t think how; I figured we must have interacted the term before. Every day for three weeks I thanked her when I picked up Jessie. She didn’t say anything about how we knew each other. A few days ago one of my neighbor girls was fundraising for the high school. I looked at the neighbors who had already contributed and the name below mine was Jessie’s teacher. You’re kidding me. The delightful woman I’ve lived next door to for five years is Jessie’s teacher. Boy is my face red.