The Triangle of Love

What is the triangle of love? In a marriage, the triangle of love is the foundation that helps a couple weather the better or worse that they swear to in their marriage vows. So what is the triangle of love? It’s comprised from:

  • Compassion
  • Passion
  • Forgiveness

Compassion is the emotion that allows us to empathize and sympathize. When we love someone, we feel their pain and we want to make their pain better. Compassion teaches us to listen carefully and not to leap to judgment. Compassion teaches us to see things beyond our own point of view and to truly accept that just because something isn’t important to us doesn’t mean it isn’t important to the person we love.

Passion is the expression of love that manifests itself in sexual attraction. It’s what causes us to crave each other’s affections and company. Passion is what we feel when our stomachs flutter at their arrival and when a casual touch affects us deep down as well as on the surface. Passion cannot be manufactured, it also cannot exist in a vacuum. Passion is often mistaken for the quick flare up between a couple when they meet – that’s chemistry – passion develops and it matures, but it doesn’t just disappear.

Forgiveness is the third side of the triangle of love and it is what bridges the troubled waters between passion and compassion. Forgiveness makes it possible to overcome the little trials and to accept that there are some things about ourselves and others that we cannot change. Forgiveness releases us from pain, regret and anger. It opens us back up to feeling true love – true love accepts everything and forgives everything and loves unabashedly.

This the triangle of love and it’s what every marriage should aspire to and it’s the foundation for a healthy relationship. Do you have the triangle of love in your relationship?

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