The Vacuum Dilemma

If you have ever shopped for a vacuum, you may have been surprised at the difference in price between the cheapest and the most expensive vacuum. You may have been confused about the different features to look for and how to tell a good bargain. Or, you may have wondered whether to buy a cheap model, or whether an expensive vacuum is really the better deal in the end. Or maybe, I am the only one silly enough to wonder about these things. But what DO you do if you find yourself with a broken vacuum? How do you get the best deal on buying another one?

Well, if you have a broken vacuum, the first step is to take it to an authorized repair facility. Find out if it can be repaired for a reasonable price. To find a repair center, contact your vacuum’s manufacturer by going online or by using the customer service number found on the vacuum. Once you get an estimate on the repairs, you can decide if the vacuum is to be repaired or replaced.

If the cost for repair is too high, then you have to start thinking about buying a new vacuum. There are a few different types of stores that sell vacuums. Here are the most popular ones:

Of course, the least expensive way to find a vacuum is to buy a used one from a thrift store or yard sale. Be wary about secondhand vacuums, though, because vacuums are an item a lot of people will keep until they break down or just don’t work too well.

Traditional Store
Stores like Wal-Mart or Target are probably the most common places to buy vacuums. You can usually get a good deal on a decent machine from one of these stores. You might also want to check closeout or discount stores for a great bargain.

Vacuum Repair and Sales Shop
Originally, I would have guessed that buying a vacuum from a dealer would have been the most expensive option. However, vacuum dealers offer a few benefits that make buying from them appealing. First, some dealers will trade-in your old vacuum and give you a credit towards a new one. Others will have buy-back programs so you can upgrade to a more expensive vacuum by selling the dealer back your old vacuum at cost. In addition, a vacuum dealer is a specialized professional who can help you decide which machine is best for you.

After choosing a place to buy your vacuum you still might wonder how much money to spend. Really, I do not know how best to answer this question! There are people I know who swear by their heavy metal vacuums that they spent a few hundred dollars on and have owned for decades. But then, what about buying a $60 vacuum every five years? Hmmmmm, what a dilemma.