The Vegetable Garden

It is spring in Australia and usually by this time the vegetable garden is in full swing. But this year, because Mick has been sick a lot and I’m not a gardener, it has been let go till yesterday.

Yesterday we went and bought a number of plants. Given that our tomato plants were going in so much later than usual Mick had to buy larger and therefore more expensive plants than the seedlings he normally buys. This year he decided, because of the limitations of space and the price of buying plants these days, to concentrate on those things we use most. He bought tomatoes, capsicums or bell peppers as they are called in America, climbing beans and the silver beet we already have growing.

This time we’re not only going to have purple climbing beans but purple bell peppers as well as the more usual green or red. That should make for colorful salads. Add to that, we also have different colored tomatoes. Some are yellow or orange as well as the traditional red. The yellow ones do have a different taste too and because they’re small you can use whole in a salad.

Tomato plants are one of those things I always steer well clear of. I can eat tomatoes without any problem but I cannot go near a tomato plant without coming up in read itchy blotches all over. Sounds like a good excuse not to get too close to the garden, doesn’t it? But it’s true. Brush against a tomato plant and I nearly go crazy.

The passionfruit fruit vine is flowering like a crazy thing so we expect another bumper crop of passionfruit again this year. Given my passion for passionfruit you can never have too many.

At the moment Mick’s getting rid of the grass that has infiltrated the garden after the recent rains. Why is it grass and weeds always seem to grow quicker than the plants we want do?

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