The Way it Works

I’m just bubbling over here and I couldn’t wait to tell you all about it. What a great morning! I have not long come back from singing with our Sing Australia choir at a nearby nursing home. What an experience!

The crowd was much smaller than those we normally have at some of the other nursing homes we regularly sing at. But what they lacked in numbers they made up for in response.

We started by singing songs from the war years. These songs many of the residents knew. Our choir leader encouraged them to sing along with us. They happily sang along to, ‘You Made me Love you,’If you were the only girl in the world,’ ‘It’sa long way to Tipperary,’ etc. When the residents couldn’t remember the words they clapped along. Their faces beamed with smiles. I felt goosebumps run up my arms as I saw how much the people loved it.

Then the choir followed it by singing ‘Amazing Grace,’Morning Has Broken’ and some of the Beatles and The Seekers’ songs. The residents and their carers were so positive, so enthusiastic that though we thought we were going there to brighten their day by singing, in the end each one of us came away feeling great.

It’s that the way things often work? As we set out to do some service to help another or to bless them, we are the one who receives the blessing. The old adage ‘it is more blessed to give than receive,’ is not just wishful thinking. It’s a truism.

As you look around your community or neighborhood, I’m sure you will see so many different areas that need volunteers and people to help them It might be driving elderly people to doctors appointments, cooking meals, helping young mothers cope with family, visiting a nursing home, sharing some skill or craft with others, ringing elderly people each day just to make sure they are okay.

God’s words tells us ‘How blessed is he who considers the helpless,’ Psalm 41:1. Look around, is there something God is calling you to help with?

No, I haven’t forgotten I promised to tell you about some responses to honesty. That’s coming next.I had to share this first.

Bible verse from The New American Standard Version

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