The Ways to Say I Love You

Saying I love you can be done in more ways that just whispering the words. Saying you love someone is a verbal expression, but we express our feelings and our thoughts in the non-verbal as much if not more than the verbal all the time.

Here are five ways to say I love you that reveals how you are really feeling and opens up the connection between you and the person you are saying I love you too.

Connecting Love to a Name

Ancient peoples believed that there was power in a name. They are right to an extent. When you say I love you, it gives it a more direct flavor and creates a sense of intimacy between you and the person you are saying ‘I love you’ too.

Eye Contact

Look directly into the eyes of the person you are saying I love you too. When you gaze into someone’s eyes, they say it is as though you are looking into their soul. So stress eye contact when you say I love you – it will bring you and the person you love closer together.

The time to say I Love You is all the time

Too often we wait to say I love you until we are parting or hanging up on the phone or going to bed. Don’t wait to say you love someone, say it all the time. Say it during the middle of a meal. Say it when you are in the middle of something. Say it when you are working. Just say it.

I Love You with a smile and a wink

Punctuate your words with nonverbal communication. Smile and say I love you. Wink and say I love you. Hug and say I love you. Run your fingers through their hair as you say I love you. We can say I love you without saying a word, but it’s even better when we combine words with actions.

Demonstrate Your Unconditional Love

Demonstrate your unconditional love by never phrasing it with conditional terms. Never say ‘when you do something’ I love you. Never say ‘because you did this’ I love you. Never make your love a condition on their success or their failure. Love is love – and it should never have conditions on it.

How do you say I love you?

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