The Week in Review for Education

It has been a fairly busy week for the topic of education. What were the topics that were covered this week in education?

On Monday, Kaye posted a blog about what it was like to teach in a last chance school. You can read the article here. Teaching in a last chance school is unlike teaching anywhere else. Kaye certainly seemed to enjoy it though!

Kaye also posted a blog on Monday about how much teachers spend out of their own pockets for teaching supplies. These supplies are not reimbursed and can often set the teacher back quite a bit of money!

On Tuesday Kaye posted a blog about making in-school suspensions work. Interested in reading about how to do that? Read here.

On Wednesday Kaye posted about a great website that takes donations for teachers to use for their classrooms. is a great resource for teachers to register for items they need and to receive them thanks to donations.

Kaye also discussed on Wednesday the issue of ability level grouping in schools. What are your thoughts on this issue? Should schools group students according to their ability?

On Thursday Kaye discussed how schools are continuing their fights against bullying with a new way to report bullying. What are your thoughts on this?

Kaye also discussed the upcoming American Education Week that is fast approaching. What are you doing to celebrate?

On Friday Kaye discussed what it takes to be a teacher. Do you have what it takes after reading Kaye’s blog?

Valorie also shared her insights on Friday about teaching in an inner-city school. She discussed the three types of teachers that often work in this environment.

On Saturday of this week, Kaye wrote a blog asking people to describe their perfect teacher. Is there an image you carry of what you would expect the perfect teacher to be?

Valorie also continued her blog series about inner-city schools by writing about the condition of the inner-city schools, including overcrowded schools and a pretty huge language barrier in most of these schools. Be sure to check out her blogs if you haven’t already! They are great!

That was the week that was in Education!