The Wiggles: Sailing Around the World

My daughter loves the Wiggles, so of course I like to buy the new DVD’s for her when they come out. Their latest release in the United States is entitled “Sailing Around the World,” and is all about Captain Feathersword sailing to different cities on his pirate ship the SS Feathersword. Although the Wiggles barely appear in this video, my daughter loves it because she loves the Captain. The music, dancing, and information from all around the world seem to keep her occupied just the same.

Captain Feathersword and his crew sail from the United States where they visit San Francisco, to Greece to visit Athens, and to England to visit London. They also travel to Sicily and Sydney. In each place, there is a separate song and/or sketch about the culture of the city/country. In the U.S., they sing about a “San Francisco Trolley Car” and in London, they sing all about England’s history in “London Town.” “Agapame Tin Athena” means “We love Athens,” so they sing this song in Greece. All of these scenes and videos were filmed on location.

There are also other songs having to do with events occurring on the SS Feathersword. In one scene, the crew is trying to figure out what type of pet would be proper to being on a pirate ship. When they decide that a goldfish would be the perfect pet, they go on to sing “Goldfish.” When the crew is mopping the deck of the ship, Captain Feathersword sings “Mop Mop.”

There are some random songs in the video as well that have nothing to do with sailing around the world. “Elbow to Elbow” is basically a song about body parts akin to “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.” “The Chicken Song” is a silly song about a chicken that has hiccups.

Many of the appearances of the Wiggles in this video are animated, and poorly, I might add – as much as I don’t like to admit it. This video may also be more appropriate for your older youngster due to the information offered. Although there is more dialogue and less music than most of the other Wiggles videos, it is a great educational experience. It gives your child a chance to learn a few facts about other countries around the world.

The Wiggles are Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field, and Greg Page. You can purchase DVD’s by the Wiggles at Toys-R-Us, Wal-Mart, the Wiggles’ website, and many other online and children’s retailers.

Note: The Wiggles website does not sell DVD’s to the USA or Canada. To purchase these online, go to Hit Entertainment.