The Wire Rack

A long time ago I had purchased a cheap wire rack type drawer unit to use for my clothes. As my wife and I have increasingly grown older and purchased some pieces of furniture, she finally gave me the word that I’d have to get rid of it! Luckily for me, I’ve been needing additional space to store things in my semi-forming new office in the basement. Sanely putting things in their place is a relief in itself. Knowing where they are when you need them is even more relieving. So, it came to pass that I would dump my clothes out of the wire rack drawer unit and re-purpose them for use in my office. Ever so slowly the descended down two flights of stairs to rest in my (still quite disorganized) office.

It just so happens that organizing my new(ish) office is therapeutic. While I tried to get rid of as much junk as I could during the move (as moves are good times to go through drawers and throw things away), what I was left with was a great deal of useful items that I just might not use every day (more like every couple of months). These wire rack drawers, though clearly intended for fabric, have been perfect for holding external hard drives, extra keyboards, miscellaneous wires, and other computer items that I often have a need for to troubleshoot an issue (but never at the same time). More importantly, the drawers got all of this stuff off of my floor and off of my desk. Now I’ve got a clean surface to work with. Having a clean surface has finally allowed me to clear my head a bit. I’ve finally been able to organize this space just enough to relax and consider it my own. I know where things are now. I know where they should go after I’ve used them. Better still, they’re no longer in my way. Today was a good day. Never underestimate the power of space to your work.