The Wonders Of Ikea

Have you ever been to Ikea? I could get lost in that store, they literally have everything. I’ve bought things here and there, an art print for my wall, kitchen gadgets, curtains, but I never realized how great Ikea is if you are just setting up housekeeping.

Their prices are really reasonable and the quality is fine for a young couple just starting out. Hailey recently got her own apartment and we’ve been furnishing it a bit at a time. She needed a couch so we went to Ikea. Now the furniture they have isn’t something I would want in my home, it’s very basic with straight lines, not a lot of personality and not the most comfortable things in the world.

We found a couch, actually a sleep sofa at a very reasonable price. Most things at Ikea can be customized. For instance, the sleep sofa had different slipcovers you could buy for it, at an unbelievable price, and they were tailored to fit this sleep sofa perfectly.

Hailey picked what she wanted and then the fun began. Everything at Ikea is sold in flat boxes. This means its much easier to get home but it also means you have to assemble it once you get it there. I was a little worried about the assembly.

Since it came in pieces Hailey and I were able to lift everything and get it into the car and then into the apartment. It was great not to have to pay for delivery.

I could not believe how fast the assembly went, we had it put together, cover on, throw pillows in place in about fifteen minutes.

If you haven’t been to Ikea I suggest you go. They have so many things, I recently bought some outdoor lanterns that were perfect for my backyard much cheaper than I was able to find them anywhere else. If you know a young couple just starting out, send them right to Ikea, they will find everything they need and what a bonding experience they will have putting it together.