Theme Album – Cousins’ Book – Part 4: Brenden’s Pages

Brenden, the third oldest cousin, is very precocious and creative so his mom chose a fun green and blue plaid pattern for the base of her layout. She really liked the look of Michael’s white square with the folded corner (see Cousins’ Book – Michael’s Pages) so she repeated it with some variations. She chose not to paint the edges instead she used a ½ inch strip of green and white polka dot along the entire right side of the square. She painted the brads using the same technique as Michael’s book.

Instead of having the name and journaling on the same page, she opted to put the name on the same page as the 4×6 photo. Using the Fiskar’s shape cutter and the circle shape template, she cut seven 2 ½ inch blue circles and seven 2 inch white circles, one for each layout she was creating. Making more than one of your same embellishments at a time is a great and efficient way to use your time when you are duplicating your layouts. On the white circle she stamped a capital “B” using Making Memories (MM) Misunderstood foam alphabet stamps and MM Celery craft paint. The “B” took up most of the circle, giving the feel of a monogram. Then she used MM magnetic stamp base and Evolution magnetic stamp alphabet to create his name “Brenden”. She stamped the letters in Stampin’ Up Ballet Blue stamping ink. She stamped the letters two-thirds of the way down the capital “B”. Next she used a hole punch to make a hole at the top of the blue circle. She glued the white circle onto the blue circle. Lastly she added green fiber through the hole to finish the tag off.

At the top of the picture page, she cut a strip of green cardstock ½ x 6 inches and adhered that to the top of the base plaid. Before adhering the picture and tag, she glued down a piece of blue gross-grain ribbon where the green cardstock and plaid meet, giving it a finished edge. She then attached her picture and placed her tag slightly overlapping the picture. Although she used some of the same elements her sister did, her page remained unique and beautifully came together.