Theme Albums – Cousins Book – Part 2: Michael’s Pages

My three sister-in-laws came to my house last Wednesday to have a girl’s scrapbook day, while our husbands took our kids to a dairy farm. (I sent my camera with my hubby and he did a great job of capturing the fun on film!) I had gathered all the necessary supplies (see blog post part 1) and had arranged all our products on our full-extended kitchen table. After a little discussion, we determined we had 4 boy pages and 6 girl pages to create. We also determined that it would be easiest to mass produce each page since we were making seven books; one for each adult sibling and parent. We cut up each packet of paper into 6’ squares and divided it evenly among the seven books. Then we determined which patterned looked most like each child.

Michael, the oldest cousin, is as sweet as can be and very intelligent. His mom picked a cool striped paper, along with coordinating green and blue. His name was stamped on a 2 ½ x 4 inch strip of paper using Making Memories (MM) Philadelphia alphabet foam stamps and MM Blueberry craft paint. A cool look is to alternate using capitals and lower case letters.

She cut a 1 x 6 inch strip of blue to go along the bottom of the name page and another strip of ½ x 6 inches to go along the edge of the picture page. She cut approximately a 5” square from the green paper in the kit, which is white on the back. On the white side, she took a foam brush dipped in MM Celery craft paint and distressed the edges of the paper. A great way to do this is to take the foam brush with paint on one corner in one hand, and while hold the paper in the other hand run the brush down each edge of the paper, turning it as needed to get every edge. She folded over the top left corner, exposing the green cardstock, and secured it with a metal brad she painted in the same Celery green color.
To paint the brads, she dipped them in enough paint to submerse the head of the brad completely in paint. Then she propped them up to dry. This is a great way to have coordinating metal embellishments!

She attached his vellum journaling block and used Hermafix tabs to attach his trimmed 4×6 photo to the white square. Putting all the pieces together, she came up with a beautiful layout that expresses who Michael is and what he loves!