Themes for Your Circle Journal

Now that you understand a bit better what the circle journal concept is, let’s dig into some of the more popular themes for circle journals.

Heather ScrapbookingAll over the Internet there are circle journal groups forming on scrapbooking message boards. After carefully researching layouts and topics, I compiled a list of the most frequently created circle journals.

I also included some great circle journal photos from some very talented scrapbookers. These ladies provided me permission to use their awesome work in my article and deserve a huge round of applause for such amazing layouts. All names are at the bottom of the article.

Before I start the list of themes, first let me just say, a quote or a song title can be a perfect spring board to a great theme for a circle journal. And this list is nowhere near complete. There are hundreds more topics that could be turned into a circle journal and explored. Whatever topic you choose, it’s important to be happy with it.

Deanna Baltimore ScrapbookingSome of the more popular themes I have seen Circle Journals for have included:

  • Adoption
  • Advice
  • All About Me
  • Being A Girl
  • Bet You Didn’t Know (things most people don’t know about you)
  • Colorful Personalities
  • Define Yourself
  • Elements of Me
  • Family Recipes
  • Favorite ______ (you complete the theme) (Accessories, Animals, Books, Colors, Holidays, Jokes, Love Songs, Photo, Places, Seasons,)
  • Guilty Pleasures
  • Hobbies
  • Home Sweet Home

Suzanne Scrapbooking

  • Lessons Learned: The Lighter Side
  • Music That Speaks To My Heart
  • My Circle of Friends
  • My Collection(s)
  • My Hometown
  • My Most Prized Possession
  • Quotes That Move Me
  • Quotes That Inspire You
  • Quotes to Live By
  • Recipes
  • Simple Joys
  • Simple Pleasures
  • Things I Want To Do Before I Die
  • To Die for Chocolate (recipes of chocolate)
  • Top 10 Lists (favorites, things, etc)
  • Treasured Moments

Tera Scrapbooking

  • What’s Cookin’?
  • What Defines You
  • What Font Are You?
  • What’s In Your Purse?
  • What Makes Me Laugh
  • Why Do You Scrapbook?
  • Why I Love Being A Girl
  • Words of Wisdom
  • Words to Live By

Get creative and come up with some ideas of your own! Definitely consider joining a circle journal group or start your own today!

Special thanks goes out to Tera Fraley (Things I Love), Suzanne Quillen (Secret Indulgences), Deanna Baltimore (My Favorite Things) and Heather Grady (Guilty Pleasures) for allowing me to publish their awesome circle journals! You gals did a GREAT job!