There is a Great Deal of Choice in Home Business Operations

It is easy to fall into the trap of feeling like things are happening TO you or that you are just reacting to the external forces. Feeling strong, capable, and productive in your home business, however, requires that you acknowledge and take advantage of all of the opportunities for decision-making and that you realize how much choice you really do have in your business operations. Instead of feeling like a rowboat battered by the storms, you probably have a strong motor that you do not even know about…

Many of us know that choice is one of the key elements to feeling in control and grounded. It is when we feel like we are trapped or do not have any choices or say in our environment or situation that we can get the most miserable and frustrated. Strangely enough, sometimes WE are the ones who are minimizing our choices by letting ourselves feel victimized; refusing to put up strong boundaries around things, or refusing to take advantage of all of the myriad choices we really do have in our daily business operations.

It might need to start with small choices if you are feeling like things are out of control–deciding which hours to work, which type of letterhead to use, who will be your web server. You may not even be taking advantage of the fact that you get to choose which clients, customers and vendors to work with. Your decisions and choices do not stop once you have decided what sort of business to open and hung up your home business shingle. Since you are the “boss” and the ultimate authority in your business–you really do have the say and can make choices about every element of your business. You may have far more choices than you have let yourself realize!

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