The Wiggles: Top of the Tots

The Wiggles are a classic group for children’s entertainment. Their fun songs and energy help to get your child involved in the fun and learning. “Top of the Tots” invites you and your child to experience the excitement as the Wiggles perform on their own special bandstand.

In this video, the Wiggles meet many people that children may meet in their everyday lives. The Wiggles and their friends talk to a doctor, a dentist, firefighters, a pilot, and a grocer. Each meeting with these important people elicits a song from the Wiggles.

When the Wiggles talk to a doctor, she shows them all of her special tools that she uses for examinations. She even demonstrates with a child to show how each tool is used. The Wiggles and their friends then dance and sing “Say Aah at the Doctors.”

When the Wiggles meet a grocer, he tells them all about his fresh produce and how important the job of a grocer is. He even tosses an apple to Anthony, and we all know how much he loves to eat! The song “Lettuce Sing (Fresh Fruits and Veggies)” inevitably follows.

The Wiggles also take a trip to New York City, New York. While in New York, they visit Central Park and walk around watching squirrels (“Central Park, New York”). They also meet a firefighter who demonstrates how he puts on his uniform as he explains each piece of equipment. After talking to the firefighter, “New York Firefighter” is sung.

These are just some examples of the fun and learning that you and your child will experience in “Top of the Tots.” If you love the Wiggles, you will surely love this DVD.

The Wiggles are Murray Cook, Jeff Fatt, Anthony Field, and Greg Page. You can purchase DVD’s by the Wiggles at Toys-R-Us, Wal-Mart, the Wiggles’ website, and many other online and children’s retailers.

Note: The Wiggles website does not sell DVD’s to the USA or Canada. To purchase these online, go to Hit Entertainment.

Songs included in “Top of the Tots” (not necessarily in this order)

Say Aah at the Doctors

Calling All Cows

The Bricklayers Song

Tick Tock (All Night Long)

Bow Wow Wow

Feeling Chirpy

Fly Through the Sky

Can You Dig It?

Picking Flowers

Knead Some Dough

I Wave My Arms and Swing My Baton

Cowboys and Cowgirls

Central Park, New York

New York Firefighter

Open Wide Look Inside at the Dentist

Lettuce Sing (Fresh Fruits and Veggies)

Let’s Go Swimming