They Are Paid What?

For years, I have watched and occasionally written about reality television. To this day, I’d rather watch a repeat of Project Runway over most new shows.

But, I also recognize that some reality stars shouldn’t be – stars that is. However, that doesn’t mean these reality stars and other people who are famous for – well, reasons that are questionable at best – aren’t continuing to look for ways to make money.

Enter Dial-a-Star. In my opinion, the title itself is misleading, but what you get is a phone number where you can call and speak to what company founder Gina Rodriguez considers a star.

Yes, you can talk to “Real Housewives of New Jersey” Danielle Staub and ask her any question you want. But, you may want to keep it short – a call to Staub through Dial-a-Star is going to cost you $18 a minute. Yes, you read that right – $18 a minute.

If you are looking for someone a bit cheaper, you may want to give Octomom Nadya Suleman a ring. You can talk to her for only $10 a minute. You can also ask Lindsay Lohan’s parents Dina and Michael a few questions. Boy, wouldn’t THAT almost be worth $10 a minute?

Also available is a former Charlie Sheen Goddess, Capri Anderson (who was with Sheen when he had his meltdown in NYC), Angelina Pivarnick (from Jersey Shore – she’ll cost you $15 a minute), Kate Major (you may remember her as a former flame of Jon Gosselin), Tila Tequila (who comes in at a whopping $20 a minute), and other people that I have no idea who they are. And I religiously read the trash mags!

The star get 50% of whatever he or she makes (the only one I’d even consider is A.J. Benza, former E! gossip monger), but my point is this – most of these people are famous, or rather infamous, for inane reasons and I hope Americans aren’t crazy enough to pay to talk to them. Many of us are lucky if we make $10 an hour, much less $10 a minute for talking on the phone about ourselves.

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