Things I Cannot Do Without In the Kitchen

I was thinking the other day about items I simply must have in my spice rack, my counter basket, my pantry, or my refrigerator and I wondered how different I was from other people. For example, do others panic if they run out of Worchestershire sauce as I do? The other day, I looked for cayenne pepper in my spice cabinet and I had none – gasp, how could this have happened?

What are the other things I just must have to feel that my kitchen is complete? As for spices, I don’t feel right unless I have garlic powder, onion powder, taco seasoning (in the big jar, not the little packages), bouillons (both chicken and beef), dry rib rub from my favorite restaurant (The Rendezvous in Memphis), cinnamon, basil, oregano, cayenne pepper, and of course, salt and pepper. Occasionally I get a few other spices for particular recipes, but these are my staples.

What are the essential condiments of my refrigerator? Well, you know I must have Worchestershire sauce, but I also need soy sauce, mayo, mustard, ketchup, A1, Heinz 57 (both), Dale’s Steak Sauce, tartar sauce, Thousand Island and Ranch dressing, pickle relish, lemon juice, and hot sauce (preferably Tabasco). I also feel naked without lettuce, pickles, and lunchmeat in my fridge.

In the panty, I must have Bisquick, cans and cans of vegetables and soups, Ramen noodles (my dear hubby and two year old love those things!), flour, rice, refried beans (I love them on tostadas), macaroni and cheese, instant potatoes, tuna, and spaghetti sauce. It is also very important my pantry have replacement bottles of my fridge condiments.

It is necessary that my counter basket contain Doritos at all times. Other than that, there is usually just has bread, bagels, tostada shells, and various chips. Right now, we have a bag of Cheetos as that is my son’s newest love. Oh, and my husband’s Pringles, the single food item he freaks out about if we are out.

I used to work with a woman who would always stop at the grocery store on the way home to get stuff to cook for dinner. I am certain we could live off the food in our kitchen for weeks, if not months. Am I crazy because I store all this stuff like a chipmunk getting ready for winter? Did something from my grandmother, who was raised during the Depression, rub off on me? Or, do you have to have certain things in your kitchen too?

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