Things of Comfort in Your Emergency Plan

When preparing for emergencies, we often think about all of the things that we will need to survive, such as food, water, and first aid. While these things are certainly a priority, it is also important to build in some items of comfort. After all, an emergency is a highly stressful situation. Comfort items can do a lot to reduce anxiety, relieve boredom that might come from waiting and generally make us feel better.

There are many things that can add comfort for your family, and the items to include in your plan may vary per person. I can be comforted by warm coy socks, for example. Children may enjoy a few new small toys or puzzles that they have never seen before, a “lovey” stuffed animal or doll, a favorite blanket, etc. Adults, too can be comforted by favorite things, comfortable clothing, a pillow and more.

Entertainment, such as the toys mentioned for children, can do a lot to distract everyone, help pass the time and ease the stress. Books, magazines, small handheld games that don’t require recharging or can be used with replaceable batteries, cards and other objects can be used by both adults and older children or teens. Again, new items are always more exciting.

For everyone, food can go a long way for comfort. There is a reason the term “comfort food” was coined. During an emergency is not the time to worry about calorie counts and gaining weight. Go ahead and put aside some treats, such as chocolate (stored properly of course), coffee, or whatever you and your family likes.

You can also make some comfort food from your emergency pantry items. Just get creative. Include tomato paste or powder in your supply, if your family is comforted by pasta, for example. Most people are soothed by foods high in carbohydrates.

What things of comfort do you think you would like to have in an emergency?

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