Things to Do with Terra-Cotta Pots

Do you have some terra-cotta pots around? There are a lot of things you can do with them. Don’t throw them out. Try one of these reuse ideas and keep up with your frugal lifestyle.

Terra-cotta pots can be great for storage, especially because of their ability to absorb water. You can use a terra-cotta pot in the kitchen under the sink to store your sponge, scrub brush and other dish-cleaning devices. The pot will absorb any little bit of water that remains to keep everything dry and bacteria free.

For Mother’s Day one year, my kids made a pen and pencil holder for me using a terra-cotta pot. They painted the outside of the pot and then glued on painted wooden shapes to decorate the pot. It is nice and wide, so it can store lots of pens and pencils as well as glue, scissors and other supplies. You can use terra-cotta pots for all sorts of crafts. Small ones can be turned into the bodies of dolls, for example.

If you have a terra-cotta pot that has broken, that is still no reason to throw it out. Terra-cotta pots can be easily repaired, provided that they haven’t been ground into dust. To repair a terra-cotta pot, moisten the broken pieces with water. Then carefully apply carpenters glue to the cracks and glue the pieces in place. Secure the repaired pot with rubber bands or masking tape until the glue cures.

Turn a cracked pot (if you don’t want to repair it) into a “toad abode.” Turn the pot upside down outside in your yard or garden. Make sure that you have first created a little open doorway for the toads to get into the pot. They will love having a little home of their own.

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