Things to do with your stockpile (Part One)

Sometimes it’s hard to pass up a good deal, especially if you are able to get it free or cheap. What if you don’t have a baby, or a cat, but yet you can get baby wipes and kitty litter free? Some of the pro couponers get more things than they know what to do with, so this will help everyone with ideas on what to do when you end up with more products than you can use. There are many different ways you can use these items and many other products, even if you don’t have a baby or kitty.

Plastic Ziploc Baggies

*Use Ziploc bags to store extra baby wipes, if you don’t have a travel pack
*Keep one in your diaper bag for dirty diapers
*Put a baggie on each hand for less mess when you are making meat loaf, kneading dough, or other messy things
*Use to marinate Meat
*Ziploc Bag Omelets
*Put some finger paint in a ziplock baggie, squeeze out as much air as you can and seal. Toddlers will have fun painting on the baggie, and mom will love not having to clean up a mess
*Make a hot pack by wetting a wash rag and placing it in the baggie. Set in microwave for about 30 seconds. Careful, baggie might be hot.
*Make a cold pack by wetting a wash cloth and placing it in a Ziploc baggie. Place in freezer until cold

Kitty Litter

*Mix even amounts of kitty litter and potting soil when planting to help the plant retain moisture, and have good root development
*Use when you are planting water plants for a pond. Place on top of the dirt to help keep the dirt in. Find out more here:
*Use in basement if there are any water leaks (I found this out recently, after we bought our new house and had a few minor problems in the basement)
*Keep a bag in the car in case you are stuck in the snow. Pour under your tires for traction
*Great for cleaning up oil leaks or spills, especially in the driveway or garage.
*Use to provide traction on icy sidewalks
*Use to anchor dry flower arrangements

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