Things We Love Album

We all have things we love. They may be as simple as the feeling of clean sheets as we climb into bed or as important as family. Why not create something that celebrates the things you love? These things are the little bits of information that your family and others will want to know about you in years to come.

I recently completed this little (4 X 4) accordion album about the things each member of our family loves. This was a very simple project that only took a couple of hours to put together.

Each page of the album features a different family member and 3 things that they love. I also included a title page and a couple of pages with rub-ons about family.

All of the supplies for this kit are found in Scrapbook Circle’s February kits.

When working on projects like this I like to make it as simple and fun as possible. Here was my process:

1. I started this album by cutting 4 X 4 squares of patterned paper to cover the chipboard album and them adhered them with a glue stick.
2. Next I cut the pictures to 2.5 X 2.5 inches and placed them in the album. 3.
3. Then I wrote 3 things each person loves on red paper and freehand cut out the words.
4. Added ribbon and brads at the top of a few pages.
5. Then I put one photo corner stick on each paper.
6. Finished off the album with a couple of rub-ons and stickers.

Rather than work on one page at a time, I worked on all of the similar tasks at the page time (cutting paper square, adhering paper, applying stickers). This made the album come together quickly and made the project fun since I didn’t have to spend loads of time on it.

I hope you will take some time to create something that celebrate something that you love!

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