Think You’re Against Homeschooling? Just Wait

I just stumbled across a homeschooling mom blog where the writer explains that she used to oppose homeschooling. She was offered the opportunity to homeschool as a teen and turned it down. She saw her brothers get homeschooled. Yet she saw no appeal in it. She opposed it even to the point of debating against it in college and convincing others to not homeschool.

But things tend to go full circle. She now homeschools her kids. Likewise, many of the people who have commented on her blog feel the same way. They were strongly opposed to homeschooling and eventually came around.

Interestingly enough, I was once opposed to homeschooling myself. My husband suggested homeschooling soon after the birth of our first child and I quickly and rudely shot him down. He was homeschooling by fourth grade. It may have taken me a while to come around, but I did.

So what changed my mind from being anti-homeschooling to an actual homeschooler? My children did.

Basically, as a mother, I realized that my children were not thriving in school. They were both struggling for different reasons, and I saw no way to make it work from within that institution. What was once a horrible idea, suddenly seemed not so crazy.

So, I remind you to never say never. Stop looking at homeschooling as something only crazy people do to their kids. I am not saying you have to homeschool to do a good job though. I am just saying that consider your child first and look at what the child needs and what you can do to help them. If it leads you to homeschooling, so be it. But don’t put up such a wall against it that you can’t see the remedy to educational issues should the need arise.

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