Thirty Dollars and a Scrapbook Store

It’s been a bit since I’ve been in a local scrapbook store. Sure, I’ve ventured into the big chains, but the sweet, quaint familiarity of a scrapbook store was a little foreign to me… until today.

My boyfriend’s two children that accompanied me had never been to a scrapbook store at all. Not even a super center. So they were in awe at all the themed pieces of paper and stickers and sets available.

On of the girls loves everything Japanese. She found papers, and stickers. Die cuts and more. She loved it. She got really excited when she found a fashionable set of chop sticks to use on a layout! Too cute.

The middle girl loves monkeys. She had a whole lot of fun near the zoo themed stuff. She kept spotting monkey’s everywhere and was quick to point out the monkey’s that were cute, and the monkey’s that were not quite as desirable.

My daughter has definitely seen her share of scrapbook stores. This was the first trip to this particular one. She was in awe however as she found some of the new paper flowers, and helped the other girls find what they liked.

scrapbook papers, patterned papersIt was definitely a great family trip to the scrapbook store, even if we were missing three other family members. And I was a bit in awe at some of the newer papers I hadn’t seen in awhile.

Oh, and in case I hadn’t mentioned before…I am a huge paper nut. The more patterned paper the better. Just see my stash of stuff from the store this morning. And if your scrapbook store is participating, American Crafts Papers are buy 10 get a free $12.00 embellishment bag.

patterned paper, scrapbook papersThe bag wasn’t chintzy either. It had 5 rolls or ribbon and a whole bunch of little embellishments that coordinated – brads, eyelets, letters, and more.

I think I need to get to the store more often, because it’s a sad day when you can spend $30.00 on just paper! I’m addicted!

So how much do you usually spend at the scrapbook store?