Those Rough Patches

No matter how long you have been married, you can expect to go through some rough patches. It would be nice if everything could remain blissful but that just isn’t reality.

I think the first step in learning how to handle the rough patches is being able to accept the fact they will happen. If you go into a marriage with the idea that it will always be peaches and cream, you aren’t being realistic.

Now you might be thinking about a couple right now that you consider being pretty extraordinary. They never seem to have rough patches. I guarantee you that what looks great on the outside isn’t always the reality.

I personally have a problem with couples who try to put on the mask of “everything is great, we are great, life is great, we have no problems,” etc. I don’t admire people who are stuck in untruths. I have more respect for couples who can openly admit that they are struggling.

But too often married people are afraid of showing the other side. They don’t want to be judged. They want to be looked up to.

Rough patches are what actually demonstrate the sign of a strong marriage. If you can manage to stay together when everything is just peachy, it’s not that big of a deal. Anyone can do that.

It is when you are faced with those challenging moments and your marriage is tested, and yet you are able to stick together, that true strength is demonstrated. Now that I admire.

Rough patches can come in many forms. Although they are unpleasant, they are also an opportunity in which you can really learn and grow from.

If you have hit a few rough patches, try to look at them in a new way. Don’t hide and cover up the truth. Seek help. But at the same time, imagine how much stronger your marriage can be when you get finally through it.

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