Thoughts On Spring Break – Homeschooling and Having Fun!

Spring is in the air! Flowers are blooming, the trees have leaves, and the grass is turning green once again. Finally, there is no need for a jacket to be outside; only a pair of spring sandals. Yes, I do love this time of year. Along with this most wonderful time of year comes the all important and much anticipated spring break.

Your children (and you) have anxiously been awaiting this and the last thing that you want to think about is school work, right? Well, don’t be too anxious to rule it out. This may be the perfect opportunity to sneak some fun education in without the kids even knowing it.

If part of your spring break plans is a trip to the beach then while you are in the car or while you are at the beach talk about things involving the sea. A conversation about the variety of ocean animals, notice sea shells, what controls the tides, etc. This is a fun day out that your children will enjoy and they will also learn some valuable information.

Perhaps amusement parks are on your fun list for spring break. While waiting in one of the many lines for a roller coaster, you could talk about the engineering and physics involved in creating these high speed colossal masterpieces; perhaps even ask for a behind the scenes tour!

With being on the go so much, maybe you are just looking forward to staying home for a little rest and relaxation. While home if you are going to work on that spring garden, get the kids involved! Let them help plant flowers and vegetables. Explain what is necessary for a healthy, beautiful garden. Children will be so excited to see their garden efforts materialize into bright, gorgeous creations!

Also, while at home take advantage of a little home economics. While baking a cake or cooking a special recipe, children can practice their math skills. Measuring cups and cooking times are a great way to have a fun time with math!

Whatever you decide to do this spring break, keep your mind open to educational opportunities. When your kids are having fun they are so much more open to learning.

Have a wonderful spring break!